Dr Duane Duncan

Duane is a Research Fellow at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, La Trobe University. His research and teaching interests include a focus on sex, sexuality and intimacy; theories of ‘the body’ and embodiment; men, masculinity and health; and, the critical study of alcohol and violence. He is currently on extended leave from his position as a lecturer in sociology at the University of New England.

As part of the Drugs, Gender and Sexuality (DruGS) research program at ARCSHS, Duane is working on the ARC Discovery project ‘Analysing gender in research and policy on alcohol-related violence among young people: A comparative study of Australia, Canada and Sweden’. This project is exploring how researchers and policy makers in Australia, Canada and Sweden variously address the challenges posed by alcohol and violence among young people with a focus on the role and treatment of gender in the expression of such violence. The project aims to advance understandings of research and policy in all three countries and inform the development of more effective and equitable responses to alcohol-related violence among young people in Australia.

Duane’s research is informed by contemporary theoretical insights from feminist, poststructuralist and feminist new materialist and Science and Technology Studies scholars. His work has included research on gay men’s experiences of prostate cancer, gay men’s experiences of non/monogamy and relationship change, and relatively recent opportunities available to young men in Australia to work on the body as an aspect of self-improvement, health and sexual life. This latter qualitative project brings together emerging literatures on ‘sexualisation’, masculinity and body image to explore men’s motivations for engaging in weight training and associated body modification practices and provides insight into men’s negotiation of shifts in acceptable masculine behaviours in relation to the increased visibility of male sexuality in Australian society.


Duane welcomes supervision opportunities in the sociology of the body, gender and sexuality, masculinity, and social approaches to health and illness more broadly. His theoretical interests include post-structural approaches to subjectivity, materiality and the body.


  • PhD, Sociology, Monash University
  • MA, Victoria University of Wellington
  • BA (Hons) Victoria University of Wellington

Research Interests

Gender, sexuality and the body, the sociology of health, men and masculinities, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender studies, and the impact of broad social shifts in late modernity on personal life, identity, and intimacy.