National steroids consultation: Take part

Led by Dr Kate Seear, members of the SSAC team have just begun development work on a newNeg Bubbles w Syringe - New research project on the use of steroids in Australia. As part of the preparation for this study, we are conducting a national consultation to canvass the views of health professionals, key stakeholders, academics, policymakers and user organisations with expertise in harm reduction, policy and/or service provision related to steroid use. We are gathering information on how steroid use is currently understood and potential directions for research, policy and service provision.

The consultation is exploring:

  • key issues for research into steroid use in Australia, and for appropriate and effective social and public health responses to steroid use;
  • potential gaps in Australia’s knowledge about steroid use;
  • the fit between research knowledge on steroid use and policy and practice in Australia;
  • views on the scale of steroid use in Australia; and
  • how to make future research in this area relevant to different professional needs.


Participation in this consultation involves a telephone or in-person interview of approximately 30 minutes’ duration, to be arranged at your convenience.

If you are able to be involved, or have any questions about the consultation, please contact Dr Dean Murphy (Consultation Coordinator) by email:

The Chief Project Investigator for the project is Dr Kate Seear, who is based at Monash University and an Adjunct Research Fellow with SSAC. The team also includes Professor Suzanne Fraser and Professor David Moore.

This project been approved by the Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee Ethics (Approval number: RDHS-09-14)