Lives of Substance launched by Kate Holden & Jenny Kelsall

jenny04launchNewly launched, SSAC’s website has two aims: to support people who consider themselves to have an alcohol or other drug addiction, dependence or habit, and to inform the public by sharing personal stories of these experiences.

Why this website now? The media has long been filled with stories of drug use and addiction, but these stories often rely on stereotypes and offer few clues about the range of people affected by addiction issues, the variety of experiences people have and the many ways they cope and even thrive. aims to fill in the many gaps in public discussions of addiction, to counter stigmatising misconceptions, and to promote understanding and more effective community responses.

As author and advocate Kate Holden said in her launch speech,

The Lives of Substance campaign has the power to even save lives.

Watch the whole event
, including the moving speeches given by Kate and director of Harm Reduction Victoria, Jenny Kelsall.

Also hear Kate and project leader Suzanne Fraser speak about to Michael Mackenzie on ABC RN Afternoons.