Performance and image-enhancing drug use portal in development for SSAC website

In 2017 SSAC began work on a research project exploring the health information needs of men who inject performance and image-enhancing drugs (PIEDs). As part of the project, the team will produce a web portal. Currently in development, SSAC’s PIEDs portal has two aims: 

  • to offer a dedicated publicly accessible research resource presenting project findings, other relevant research, opportunities to comment on PIED use, and links to policy and treatment services, and
  • to support and allow people who use PIEDs to anonymously access non-stigmatising information and referral details.

Why this PIEDs portal now? The media has long been filled with stories of steroid use and doping but these stories often rely on stereotypes and offer few clues about the range of people using PIEDs, the variety of experiences people have and the many ways they understand their injecting practices and identities.

The PIEDs portal aims to inform public discussions of performance enhancing drug use, to counter stigmatising misconceptions, and to promote understanding and better equip the health workforce to respond effectively.

The SSAC team welcomes suggestions on the development of the portal and the most important information to make available on the website. Please contact project research officer Renae Fomiatti on with your ideas.