CST Reading Group discusses ‘complex events’


Led by SSAC’s Renae Fomiatti and NDRI research associate Duane Duncan, the NDRI Melbourne Contemporary Social Theory (CST) group explores new resources for researching drugs. January’s reading group meeting looked at Kane Race ‘Complex events: Drug effects and emergent causality’. This piece was chosen as it offers an opportunity to expand thinking about key ideas of enactment and multiplicity (see the most recent write-up) through the issue of causation. Published quite recently, Race’s article can be considered alongside other Australian scholarship published in the critical drugs space over the last two decades (See for example, Duff, 2007; Dilkes-Frayne, 2014; Fraser, Moore & Keane, 2014; Fraser & valentine, 2008; Malins, 2004; Moore & Fraser, 2006), which has sought to widen the remit of phenomena traditionally assigned agency in AOD research, policy and practice. In this article, Race critiques the linear logics of space and causation upon which drug prevention research is premised to develop an alternative account of causation as emergent and enmeshed in time, space and local relations.

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