Now recruiting: Hepatitis C treatment study

This year we began an exciting new project on people’s experiences of hepatitis C, treatment and post-treatment life in this new age in which hepatitis C elimination seems possible.

This project will generate new knowledge on impediments to hepatitis C treatment uptake and a publicly accessible website presenting personal experiences of treatment, decision-making about treatment, and tips and suggestions to enhance life on treatment and after.

In order to gather personal insights about hepatitis C treatment and related issues, we are conducting confidential interviews with people affected by hepatitis C. All interview participants are reimbursed for their time and contribution to the research.

As we are committed to gathering a wide range of perspectives and experiences, we have now moved into a targeted period of interviewing.

We are especially interested in interviewing:

  1. People who acquired hepatitis C through medical procedures
  2. People who were born outside Australia or acquired hepatitis C overseas but who have not accessed treatment
  3. People who acquired hepatitis C many years ago but have not accessed treatment

If you have any questions about this project, or can help us reach people in these groups to ensure they are well represented in our analysis, please contact Dr Adrian Farrugia. Likewise, if you are interested in taking part the study, please contact Adrian.

Contact details


Phone: 0492 150 050